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Under arm bundle

Under arm bundle

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Brighten under arms in no time.

ingredients; distilled water, TEA, guar gum, turmeric extract, rosehip oil, kojic acid, optiphen plus! Not a natural product

apply two drops on dry armpits twice a day for a brighter appearance

Lemon, papaya and kojic acid foaming sugar scrub

whipped soap, sugar, papain, kojic acid, lemon, fragrance oil
Directions: rub on skin to lather for a minimum of 4 minutes. Use at least twice a week. maximum use 3 times a week.


This product and information has not been validated by FDA. Consult your physician before use.


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Customer Reviews

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Kadiatu Barrie

My skin was extremely dry before but since I started using you product my skin is smooth and no more dryness again. My face was dry, rough and with so many dark spots but since I started using your product no more dryness, roughness and most of the dark are fading away.