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Neem, Moringa and Tea tree Oil

Neem, Moringa and Tea tree Oil

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This is a superior quality version of the magical oil. A combination of the powerful ingredients used to formulate the oil stimulates collagen production which slows down the ageing process of the skin, reduces blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines. The blend of oils moisturizes yours skin and protects the skin from sun damages.


Rose hip oil, Argan Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Sunflower, Neem Oil, Grape Seed Oil and a blend of herbs including Neem, Moringa and Tea Tree.


Why Neem, Moringa and tee trea Oil?

The oil has Neem Oil which is great because of the following;

  • Has Vitamin C and antioxidants which wards off signs of ageing
  • Has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to treat acne
  • Has fatty acids and vitamin E that helps heal dry skin and moisturize it

The oil has Hemp Seed Oil which is great because of the following;

  • Moisturizes skin without clogging your pores
  • Has fatty acids that encourages skin growth and new cell generation
  • Has omega-6 and omega-3 which is powerful for treating Atopic dermatitis.

The oil has Rose hip oil that is which is great because of the following;

  • Has anti aging properties due to vitamin C therefore reducing and preventing wrinkles

The oil has Argan oil which is great because of the following;

  • Has antioxidant activity that protects your skin from sun damage
  • Moisturizes skin thanks to its abundance of vitamin E
  • Has healing properties to treat psoriasis and rosacea.
  • Has anti-sebum effects to cure hormonal acne
  • Has a combination of antioxidants and vitamin E that speeds up wound healing

Directions for use:
Best used after shower. However, it could be used at any time of the day.
Gently rub it on your skin.


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Magic in a bottle

It's working slowly but surely, trusting the recovering from pregnancy and my skin was messy....with this product is a total change....thank you!!!!