Lemon, papaya, Kojic acid Bundle

Lemon, papaya, Kojic acid Bundle

Lemon, papaya, Kojic acid Bundle


1. Dark Spot Eraser
2. Lemon and papaya body wash
3. Lemon, papaya, kojic acid foaming sugar scrub
4. magical oil

Dark spot eraser

 Are you in need of an eraser that can magically eliminate dark spots? Dark spots are a common issue that we all face one time or another, and there is no need to feel frustrated. In just a few weeks, our simple and effective dark spot eraser can have you feeling more confident than ever!


shea butter, mango butter, distilled water, emulsifying wax,  lemon, papain, kojic acid, preservative

Rub on damp skin twice a day 


 The newest scrub sensation! Lemon scrubs away the dry skin with beta hydroxy acid. Papaya contains skin-clearing enzymes that remove dead skin cells, revealing fresh skin. Kojic acid helps lighten dark spots and melasma around the face and body. This is a magic scrub that will leave your skin feeling smooth and clear.


whipped soap, sugar, papain, kojic acid, lemon, fragrance oil

Directions: rub on skin to lather for a minimum of 4 minutes. Use at least twice a week. maximum use 3 times a week.

Body wash

Lemon and papaya is a natural, fresh body wash with a dual action formula that tackles your skin's toughest dark spots. Enriched with soothing lemon and  papain, our body wash will cleanse and purify your skin while effectively tackling even the most stubborn of dark spots. We're sure you'll love the refreshing fragrance of our body wash, too!


ingredients: Coco glucoside, polysorbate 80, distilled water, Lemon powder, papain, crushed papaya seeds, fragrance oil. 

squeeze on a wash clothe or sponge and rub to lather on the skin for a minimum of 4 minutes. Wash off when done.

Magical Oil
Our anti-aging, therapeutic herbal blend is the perfect solution for acne, fungal infections, or just plain dry skin. It soothes and hydrates the skin with a combination of rosehip oil, argan oil, and other amazing oils. Our formula is made to work on any type of skin.

Magical body oil is a one stop solution for all your skin woes. We use a unique blend of exotic, natural ingredients to provide unmatched relief from eczema, acne, burns, cuts, and bruises. Our magical oil is blended with potent anti-aging ingredients to reduce wrinkles and heal scars overnight. Our products are also infused with soothing herbs to heal and brighten inner thighs. 

ingredients: Rose hip oil, argan oil, hemp seed oil, sunflower, neem oil, grape seed oil and a blend of herbs including dried carrots and rose buds.

Directions: apply twice a day on skin. 

This product and information has not been validated by FDA. Consult your physician before use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Been Using for 2wks...So Far, So Good...

I want to give this a 5 but it's not been long enough. I love the smell of all the products. The foaming soap is fun. lol. I love the smoothness of the cream. I really haven't used the body wash other than one time and I haven't used the oil yet because I still body wash/oil that I was using previously. Too soon to see results, but I like what I've seen from it so far.

Paola VAlle

I love how my skin is feeling and looking after using the set.. body wash smell amazing..

Heaven S

I'm obsessed!!!!! Such great products and don't break me out!!!! Lovely user experience, nit to mention they actually work!!!

Shaniya Stancil

Love it 😊

Maria Aranda
My favorite skin care purchase of the year!!

Have been using it for a few days and can already tell a difference ! I definitely will reorder more soon.

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